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Quality Accessories & Components to make your systems work hassle free!


Audio visual conectors, patch cables - XLR , HDMI, VGA, DVI , RCA, Stereo, mono connectors and jacks . AV Patch cables.

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Audio Visual and automation components - AV trasnmitters, receivers , extenders, signal converters , Automation modules, Protocol converters, RaspberryPi, SmartThermostats , Sensor etc..

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Sockets / Wiring Accessories

AV Popup/Table topb boxes, cable cubbies, Wallplates , brush plates, AV/IT Sockets, PDU etc.

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Lighting Drivers & Transformers

DALI, DMX, 1-10V, LEading/Trailing Edge Transformers/Drivers, Power Supplies.

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Security & Access Control Components
Access Control Readers, Doorlocks, Exit Buttons, RFID Cards, Power Supplies , Intrusion Alarm Systems etc.
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Power Supplies & Adapters

Various types of Power Supplies & Power adapters - 12/24V AC/DC power supplies DIN rail type.

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Enclosures & Racks

AV racks and accessories , patch panels, brush panels. Automation enclosures - Standard and Custom Sizes

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Automation Panel Building Accessories

Various Panel building materiasl - Din rails, cable trunkings , connectors, cable tips, cable ties, labelling materials etc.

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